Scouts & Guides

  • You must be a financial member of Scouts QLD or Girl Guides QLD
  • Able to work within the patrol system
  • Able to perform camp duties
  • Able to be a friend
  • Able to put someone else's needs before your own

You will be allocated to one of the 5 Scout troops, or one of the 2 Guide troops. You will have a Troop Leader and a team of leaders overseeing the daily routine, activities of your troop for the week, and marking sure you are in a good state of well being. 

Catering is done in each troop line and you may be called upon to help with preparations and serving in your patrol.

Your main role is to help the guests get through all of the activities that are planned and adjust to a scouting camp life.

Attending Agoonoree can only count towards 3 nights of your under canvas requirements to attend to AJ2019.  


Agoonoree 2018

Around the World in 7 days

Date: 22 - 28 September
Location: BP Park, Samford