Venturer Scouts & Ranger Guides

  • You must be a financial member of Scouts QLD or Girl Guides QLD
  • Able to work!
  • Have commitment and skills
  • Running activities
  • Assisting with services
  • In troop-lines, helping with personal hygiene issues
  • Mentoring Scout patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders

Venturers and Rangers who can commit to the full week will be given preferences

Venturer Roles

Venturers aged under 15 years old will be allocated to Troop Lines into a patrol. Venturers and Rangers are placed in Troop Lines, Activities, or Services

While you will have a choice for placement, the needs of the camp are foremost and campers will be placed where they are required. Most applicants are placed in their first or second preference.

  Remember: Agoonoree is a fun camp however its hard work. All campers are expected to work hard and have fun whilst engaging in the camp.

Troop-Line Venturer

Act as a mentor to scouts in the patrol, accompany them throughout the day to encourage them to support the guests. You will act as eyes and ears for troop leaders during camp. You will be on call 24/7 while the guests are in camp to provide a higher level of care to the patrols.


You will be required to set up the Venturer Central sub-camp, construct the Bungalow centre, and help erect the camps for each of the troops. You will assist the Activity Zone coordinators to run the daily activities for scouts, guides, and guests.

Leader Catering

You will be assisting the leader in charge of catering to prepare the food, clean the dining area, clean the kitchen, and help the Quarter Master as required. You will be up early in the morning and your duties may roll into the evening activities.

Quarter Master

Under direction of the Quarter Master, you will assist distributing food and supplies to the 7 troops during the day.


You will run the canteen in free time and assist the Activity Zone Coordinators and activities team in the morning. This is very intensive for the time the canteen is open.


You will roam the camp by day and type and set up the format for the 'Agoonoram' by night. This job entails long hours due to a 'Gotta meet the deadline!'.


You have been handpicked by the branch abseiling leader for your assistance on the tower during the camp.

Award Scheme

An invested Venturer Scout attending Agoonoree is eligible to seek approval to use the activity towards the Service Tape of their Award Scheme.

Due to the nature of Agoonoree, depending on the role the Venturer Scout has at the camp will determine which alternative they can have signed off.  Below outlines the service area and level requirements and an example for the record book.

These guidelines are current for the 2018 camp as per the latest version of the record book.

Venturer Award p45

Service to Scouting (Alternative 1) – be a member of Venturer Central and complete 10 hours of service with activities or service to the camp.

Example for the record book: Assisted with service to Agoonoree

Service to the Community (Alternative 2 [d]) – be a member of Troop Lines and provide assistance with a guest for the minimum of 10 hours.

Example for the record book: Agoonoree, service within troop lines working with guests.

Queens Scout Award p84

Service to the Community (Alternative 1 [a]) – be a member of Troop Lines and provide assistance with a guest for the minimum of 30 hours. In this role, Venturer Scouts are required to make ‘on the spot’ leadership decisions on a 24/7 basis.

Example for the record book: Agoonoree, service within troop lines working with guests.

Service to Scouting (Alternative 2) – this is not an available option for service at Agoonoree as the record book clearly states that service to scouting needs to be with a Joey Scout Mob, Cub Scout Pack or Scout Troop.

Troop-Line Venturers

Perform service over 5 days in the troop under the leadership of a troop leader. Troop-line venturers need to make 'on the spot' leadership decisions on a 24/7 basis over this period which qualifies as the 'Take a leading role' clause in the record book.
Example for record book: 'Agoonoree. Service in troop-lines on a 24/7 on-call basis over 5 days at camp with needs to make on the spot decisions'.

VC Venturers 

You must attend the training Pre-Camp and perform service to the camp in the same year.

30 hours practical service to the camp.
Example for record book: 'Agoonoree. Venturer training camp and Service to assist the running of the camp'.




Agoonoree 2018

Around the World in 7 days

Date: 22 - 28 September
Location: BP Park, Samford